This page is a work in progress.

I am attempting to compile articles and other writings about Dr. Dhafir’s case in a chronological order. My hope is that, through this list, it will be easy for people to follow a particular aspect of the case that might be of interest them.



2/26/13  Press release for the 10th anniversary of Dr. Dhafir’s arrest and incarceration

12/16/12  The Post-Standard published five letters in response to Mr. Sanders’ letter about John Pilger’s article.


02/07/12 Katherine’s letter to the Syracuse Post-Standard after Dr. Dhafir’s February 3rd resentencing.  Also available here.

02/06/12 Katherine was interviewed on Antiwar Radio about her recent article and Dr. Dhafir’s February 3rd resentencing.

01/31/12  Katherine’s article Anatomy of a ‘Terrorism’ Prosecution: Dr. Rafil Dhafir and the Help the Needy Muslim Charity Case. It that lays out, step by step, how the government prosecuted this case.  Also available here.


4/04/08 Peggy Boyd Report on Conference – Muslim America: Community Under Siege.

4/01/08 Dr. Dhafir A Special Thanks For Goodwill Messages.

3/15/08 Dr. Dhafir Excerpts from a letter about conditons in the Communications Management Unit.

3/04/08 Katherine Hughes Letter included call to conscience over Dhafir.

2/24/08 Jeanne DeSocio’s (court-watcher at Dr. Dhafir’s trial), response to Denis Halliday’s Post-Standard letter.

2/21/08 Denis Halliday, former UN Assistant Secretary General. Letter to the Post-Standard commemorating the fifth anniversary of Dr. Dhafir’s arrest.


11/24/07 Katherine Hughes Denial Of Due Process To Muslims Disgraces Us All.

11/06/07 Katherine Hughes Thank you to everyone who helped us get Mohamed Khater’s letter published in the Post Standard.

10/21/07 Cheri-lee Waugh A thank you to Dr. Dhafir.

10/21/07 Katherine Hughes Mohamed Khater’s letter should be published as an oped.

10/11/07 Katherine Hughes Criminalizing Compassion in the War on Terror. Report on Denis Halliday speaking at the Syracuse University Maxwell School.

10/11/07 Katherine Hughes Thank you to all who wrote to the Syracuse Post Standard.

10/09/07 Katherine Hughes Please write to the Post Standard and ask them to publish the Dr. Dhafir Support Committee and Mohamed Khater letters.

10/09/07 Jeanie Shaterian Please publish two letters setting the record straight about Glenn Suddaby’s nomination for a judgeship.

10/07/07 Jeanne Finley Suddaby doesn’t deserve a federal judgeship

9/30/07 Rafi Ziauddin Letter to Post Standard about Suddaby nomination.

9/28/07 Dr. Dhafir Support Committee Letter to Post Standard about Glenn Suddaby nomination for judge.

9/27/07 Mohamed Khater Letter to Post Standard about coverage of Suddaby nominaton for judgeship

[KH: I’m working from both ends of the chronology until they meet.]

8/25/06 Dr. Dhafir’s co-defendant, Osameh Al-Wahaidy, lost his appeal.

6/12/06 Dirk Adriaensens, The Nuremberg Principles as They Relate to the Case of Dr. Dhafir.

6/08/06 Dr. Dhafir mentioned in John Pilger’s new book, Freedom Next Time.

6/04/06 Katherine Hughes, Three emails about Dr. Dhafir’s case to Eric Lichtblau of the New York Times.

6/02/06 Appeal lawyers confirmed for Dr. Dhafir.

5/03/06 Katherine Hughes, Post about Dr. Dhafir’s case before leavign for Scotland for 4 weeks.

4/11/06 Katherine Hughes, Why the Help the Needy Case is Relevant to the Syracuse University Community.

4/04/06 Dr. Dhafir’s Case is Mentioned in the Meikeljohn Civil Liberties Newsletter.

4/04/06 Katherine Hughes, Orientation for People Responding to the Syracuse New Times Ad.

3/25/06 Katherine Hughes, On local media coverage of the Dhafir case.

3/22/06 Panel Discussion at Syracuse University.

3/17/06 Dr. Dhafir has engaged appellatte lawyers.

2/28/06 Andrew Restuccia, The Daily Orange, Local community members hold vigil to honor Dhafir.

2/25/08 Jennifer Van Bergen and Madis Senner, Another Victim of the Invasion of Iraq: The Case of Dr. Rafil Dhafir,.

2/16/06 Justin Park, The New Times, Prisoner Emeritus.

2/16/06 Erin Curran, The Daily Orange, Dhafir honored by international human rights group.

2/07/06 Katherine Hughes, Post-Standard letter, Omission is the most virulent form of censorship.

2/03/06 Katherine Hughes, Letter to Post-Standard/New Times, Dhafir loses his medical license.

1/30/06 Jeanne DeSocio, Post-Standard letter, Dhafir chose God’s Law of Compassion.

1/26/06 Dr. Dhafir invited to be an honorary member of the BRussels Tribunal Advisory Committee.

1/22/06 Katherine Hughes, article, Crime of Compassion.

1/09/06 John Pilger, The Quiet Death Of Freedom. [Dr. Dhafir’s case is mentioned in this article.]

12/06/05 Please write to Judge Mordue.

12/05/05 Katherine Hughes, Email to twelve Syracuse University Law School professors.

12/02/05 Linda Bergh, Post-Standard letter, Concern for Justice for Dr. Dhafir Will Continue.

11/29/05 Dr. Dhafir, Letter to Katherine Hughes.

11/28/05 Dr. Dhafir, Excerpt from a letter to a friend.

11/20/05 Katherine Hughes, Email to the Dean of Syracuse University Law School requesting a forum for ACLU courtwatchers in the Dhafir case to speak to students – after the govenment had presented a lecture to these students, titled “Terrorist Financing,” and highlighted the Help the Needy case.

11/7/05 Gorilla Radio, Victoria, Canada (The file is just under 12 MB): Interview of Katherine 30 minutes.

H. Richard Levy, Professor Emeritus, Syracuse University, 10/31/05, Letter to the Post-Standard.

Katherine Hughes (article), 10/29/05, U.S.A. vs. Rafil A. Dhafir: Individual Responsibility and Complicity.

Katherine Hughes, 10/28/05, A perfect cap to the Post Standard’s coverage of this case.

ACLU, 10/28/05, CNYCLU Statement on Dr. Dhafir’s sentencing.

Rafil Dhafir, 10/28/05, Excerpts from Dr. Dhafir’s sentencing statement.

Katherine Hughes, 10/27/05, Media statement after the sentencing of Dr. Dhafir.

Katherine Hughes, 10/26/05, Desperately seeking an Edward R. Murrow-type journalist to cover this case.

George Kilpatrick, 10/26/05 (aired the evening before Dr. Dhafir’s sentencing at 11 p.m.), WCNY Interview with Barrie Gewanter, ACLU-CNY, and Katherine Hughes and Julienne Oldfield, who both attended much of the trial.

Katherine Hughes, 10/19/05, Case Not Proven, why I don’t believe the government proved its case against Rafil Dhafir.

Katherine Hughes, 10/19/05, A Summary of the opening remarks in the case of Dr. Rafil Dhafir.

Katherine Hughes, 10/16/05, Letter to the Post Standard, When journalists report propaganda instead of the truth.

10/13/05, Help us get the whole truth of Dr. Dhafir’s story told by advertising this website.

10/12/05 Statement of Concern in support of 150 Mulsim families, many with ties to Syracuse University, interrogated by the FBI and other agencies on the morning of Dr. Dhafir’s arrest.

10/12/05, Syracuse University’s College of Law’s civil rights, the Public Interest Law Firm (PILF).

Jennifer Van Bergen, 10/08/05, New American Law: Legal Strategies and Precedents in the Dharfir Case, Part 2.

Jennifer Van Bergen, 10/07/05, New American Law: The Case of Dr. Dhafir, Part 1.

10/2/05 Cancelling the request for donations to a publicity fund.

Magda Bayoumi, 9/26/05, Another cogent, unpublished, letter to the Post Standard.

Gay Montague et al, 9/26/05, From three concerned citizens: Sent to 60 Minutes.

Andrea Deans, 9/25/05, Dr. Dhafir has support beyond Muslims.

Katherine Hughes, 9/22/05, My response to Chris Wiegand’s comment under my 9/18/05 letter to Post-Standard editor, Rosemary Robinson.

Katherine Hughes, 9/21/05, Email to Professor Samuel Gorovitz of Syracuse University.

Katherine Hughes, 9/20/05, Letter to George Kilpatrick of Hour CNY, PBS Television.

Barrie Gewanter, 9/20/05, CNY Chapter NYCLU Statement on Dhafir Case.

Katherine Hughes, 9/20/05, Email correspondence with David Rubin, Dean of the Newhouse School at Syracuse University.

Katherine Hughes, 9/18/05, To the Editor of the Post-Standard.

Katherine Hughes, 9/13/05, Response to Richard Lindsay’s Post-Standard letter.

Gay Montague, 9/13/05, A Court Observer’s letter to the Post-Standard.

Katherine Hughes, 9/04/05, Never Give In.

The Islamic Society of Central New York, 9/04/05, Open Letter to the Community of Central New York.

Magda Bayoumi, 9/01/05, Questions & Answers on Dr. Dhafir.

Linda Bergh, 8/24/05, A Court Observer’s Defense of Dr. Dhafir.

Email exchange, 8/23/05, between Katherine and H. Richard Levy, Professor Emeritus, Syracuse University.

Katherine Hughes, 8/21/05, Bulk email sent 8/21/05: To concerned citizens.

Katherine Hughes, 8/20/05, Response to Chris Wiegand.

Haikal Abu-Ghoush, 8/19/05, Unfair treatment.

Katherine Hughes, 8/19/05, Media fails to ask tough questions.

Katherine Hughes, 8/13/05, Sentencing of Osameh Al-Wahaidy.

Katherine Hughes, 8/13/05, You are not alone. (Thoughts after an encounter with the press.)

Katherine Hughes, 7/04/05, Response to Post-Standard Editorial.

Jennifer Van Bergen, 6/26/05, America’s Parallel Legal Systems. (An article that addresses government tactics in “terrorism” prosecutions.)

Post-Standard Editorial, 6/22/05, Playing Loose With Terrorism.

Katherine Hughes, 6/4/05, Mrs. Dhafir sentenced.

Katherine Hughes, 4/20/05, Dhafir Trial Update.

Katherine Hughes, 2/23/05 Correction to Daily Orange Article.

Laura Van Wert, 2/23/05, On the trial: Graduate student takes 17-week leave to follow Dhafir case, Syracuse University Daily Orange article.

Linda Bergh, 2/14/05, People of faith prayed for Dr. Rafil Dhafir and Witnessed his Trial.

Katherine Hughes, 2/11/05, Dr. Dhafir and Vaclav Havel.

Katherine Hughes, 2/10/05, The Verdict.

Katherine Hughes, 2/9/05, Disagreement over correction.

Katherine Hughes, 2/9/05, Deliberations continue.

Katherine Hughes, 2/8/05, Jury deliberations continue.

Katherine Hughes, 2/8/05, Correction, (John O’Brien, journalist for the Post-Standard, told me I needed to make a correction to my first article.)

Katherine Hughes, 2/7/05, In God We Trust, (posted during jury deliberations).

Katherine Hughes, 2/5/05, A new low for the Post-Standard

Katherine Hughes, 2/3/05, First tentative complicities of collaboration

Katherine Hughes, 1/30/05 Response to John O’Brien’s Sunday article in the Post Standard.

Katherine Hughes, 1/29/05 Emails to, Chancellor Nancy Cantor, and Rabbi Dave Levy, at Syracuse University.

Katherine Hughes, 1/28/05 Why I am attending Dr. Dhafirs’ trial.

Katherine Hughes, 1/26/05 Dr. Dhafir’s trial concluded today.

Rafil Dhafir, posted 1/25/05, Letter to Medicare.

Gay Montague, 1/25/05, Courtroom Observations.

Joel Cohen (one of Dr. Dhafir’s lawyers), 1/24/05, Dhafir articles slanted against the defense.

Katherine Hughes, 1/20/05, A perfect illustration of the Post-Standard’s inadequate coverage of Dr. Dhafir’s trial.

Katherine Hughes (article), 1/18/05, U.S.A. vs Rafil A. Dhafir.

Katherine Hughes, 1/9/05, Dhafir trial has prosecutorial tone.

Katherine Hughes, 1/9/05, Where is the media now?

Katherine Hughes, 1/1/05, Innocent Until Proven Guilty.

Jeanne De Socio, 12/5/04, Generous Americans.

11/22/04 This fundraising video was shown on day 17 of the trial. Like Denis Halliday and Hans Von Sponeck, who both resigned from the UN because of the Iraq sanctions, Dr. Dhafir was a vociferous critic of the sanctions policy. When this video was shown in court, I immediately thought “This is why he [Dr. Dhafir] is here.”

Michael Powell, 10/19/04, Washington Post, High-Profile N.Y. Suspect Goes on Trial: Arrest Was Called Part of War on Terrorism, but Doctor Faces Other Charges.

9/16/04 James Mckinnon, Guilty As Charged… of Philanthropy?.

Madeleine Baran, February 2004, The New Standard, The Terrorism Case that Wasn’t: One Year On, ‘Help the Needy’ Case Still Shrouded in Mystery, Innuendo.

8/20/04 Democracy Now Doctor Faces Life Imprisonment for Violating Iraq Sanctions

1/09/04 Keith Rosenthal, An Iraqi American victim of John Ashcroft’s “war on terror”.

Sept/Oct 2003 Richard Deats, Fellowship Magazine, PATRIOTism.

8/06/03 Dr. Dhafir Dr. Dhafir’s address commemorating the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima. [Dr. Dhafir had been in prison for 6 months at this time.]

March 1, 2003, Renee K. Gadoua, “UP TO 150 QUESTIONED; DOCTOR IS DENIED BAIL; MUSLIMS AFRAID TO SPEAK OUT PUBLICLY.” Syracuse Post-Standard. has many articles and information that relate to the case before my own involvement commenced in 2004.