April 2009

MIAMI (AP) – Jurors deliberating the terrorism case against six Miami men accused of plotting to destroy Chicago’s Sears Tower seem confused about some of the charges.(more…)

See another article about the case.

The chief jailer of the Khmer Rouge, on trial for the killing of thousands of “state enemies” in the 1970s, said Wednesday that he trained peasant children as young as 12 to guard prisoners who were routinely electrocuted and whipped.(more…)

Scott Horton Harpers 4/28/09

My recent post on a Senate document concerning the approval of torture techniques requires correction in two respects. First, as already noted, Ed Whelan, former Acting Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Legal Counsel, has categorically denied attending the July 2003 meeting mentioned there. (more…)

The mad men did well

John Pilger New Statesman 4/29/09

The BBC’s American television soap Mad Men offers a rare glimpse of the power of corporate advertising. The promotion of smoking half a century ago by the “smart” people of Madison Avenue, who knew the truth, led to countless deaths. (more…)

Scott Horton Harpers 4/29/09

Judge Jay Bybee has been conspicuously absent from the discussion about his most famous opinions–not the ones he issued from the bench, but those he uttered just before leaving the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel. Those opinions gave the green light to the use of a series of torture techniques on specific prisoners held by the CIA. (more…)

by Jeremy Scahill 4/29/09    Commondreams

Representatives John Conyers and Jerrold Nadler are officially asking Attorney General Eric Holder to appoint an independent Special Prosecutor “to investigate and, where appropriate, prosecute” participants in the Bush-era US torture system. (more…)

By Troy Graham Phily.com 4/28/09

Three of the five men convicted of plotting an armed attack on Fort Dix were sentenced to life in prison today.(more…)

by Glenn Greenwald Salon 4/28/09

The first sign that the Obama DOJ would replicate many of the worst and most radical arguments of the Bush DOJ was in the Jeppesen case, a lawsuit brought by five victims of the CIA’s rendition and torture program (including Binyam Mohamed).(more…)

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