To the editors at the Syracuse Post-Standard.

Dear Mr. Connor and Mr. Linhorst:

The Syracuse Post-Standard’s recent article on Glen Suddaby’s nomination to a judgeship included a number of unfortunate inaccuracies regarding the trial and conviction of Dr. Rafil Dhafir. While I applaud you for publishing Rafi Ziuddin’s letter pointing them out, your lack of correction of the earlier article and your pairing Mr. Ziuddin’s letter with one supporting the prosecution’s point of view continues to give Post-Standard├é┬áreaders a misleading impression of the case, the issues involved in it, and the appropriateness of Mr. Suddaby’s nomination.

I urge you to publish two letters setting the record straight, one from the Dr. Dhafir Support Committee and the other from Mohamed Khater. Mr. Khater and the Support Committee have deep roots in the Syracuse community and probably know more about Dr. Dhafir’s convoluted and confusing case than anyone else around. They also do an admirable job of clarifying both the facts of the case and the troubling issues involved, issues affecting the civil liberties of us all.

I also urge you to publish a correction to your article on Mr. Suddaby’s nomination.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Sincerely yours,
Jeanie Shaterian
Berkeley, CA