October 2008

Tom Engelhardt TomDispatch 10/30/08

Even as the Bush presidency wears down, the Global War on Terror only expands. Perhaps the word should be “metastasizes.” Just this week, the U.S. military, using SOFA-less Iraq as its launching pad, sent four helicopters with U.S. special forces soldiers across the Syrian border in an operation in which a number of people were killed. (more…)

by: Ann Wright Truthout 10/30/08

I am in San Francisco this week before the election, campaigning for Cindy Sheehan. She is running against both the Republican and Democratic establishments, but more specifically against Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi. (more…)

2 Minute Video available on Information Clearing House
President Bush is trying to pardon himself
Should Congress pass a bill giving immunity to President Bush for possible war crimes? (more…)

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Dear friends,
Here is the good news: In spite of growing repression in the U.S., resistance to nukes and war continues unabated. And you can read all about it in the 150th issue of the Nuclear Resister. (Wow, 150! That’s a lot of mailing parties and all-nighters!) (more…)

The lesson learned is that no presidential candidate, least of all a Democrat awash with money from America’s “banksters,” as Franklin Roosevelt called them, can or will challenge a militarized system that controls and rewards him. Obama’s job is to present a benign, even progressive face that will revive America’s democratic pretensions, internationally and domestically, while ensuring nothing of substance changes.

By John Pilger ICH 10/27/08 (more…)

The “War on Terror” and the Constitution is the Bill Of Rights Defense Committee’s booklet detailing how “war on terror” policies have allowed our government to violate the Constitution and how those violations affect each of us as individuals. It’s available here.

Claims of child abuse are proving a fertile pretext to menace the Aboriginal communities lying in the way of uranium mining

John Pilger Guardian U.K. 10/24/08

Its banks secured in the warmth of the southern spring, Australia is not news. It ought to be. An epic scandal of racism, injustice and brutality is being covered up in the manner of apartheid South Africa. (more…)

William Pfaff williampfaff.com

Paris, October 15, 2008 — Last June the U.S. Department of Defense unexpectedly issued a new version of its National Defense Strategy. It was unexpected because there will be a new administration in Washington in January which might be expected to issue a statement of its own ideas about military strategy. (more…)

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