December 2008

December 15, 2008

NEW YORK — A federal appeals court today upheld, in part, a decision striking down provisions of the Patriot Act that prevent national security letter (NSL) recipients from speaking out about the secret records demands. (more…)


by Stephen Lendman Baltimore Chronicle 12/15/08

Post-9/11, the “war on terror” has been a jihad against Islam, the colonizers v. the colonized, or what Edward Said called “the familiar (America, Europe, us) and the strange (the Orient, East, them).” Dr. Aafia Siddiqui is one of its most tragic, aggrieved, and ravaged victims. Her ordeal continues horrifically. (more…)

Glenn Greenwald Salon 12/15/08

The bipartisan Senate Armed Services Committee report issued on Thursday — which documents that “former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and other senior U.S. officials share much of the blame for detainee abuse at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba” and “that Rumsfeld’s actions were ‘a direct cause of detainee abuse’ at Guantanamo (more…)

Stephen Lendman’s ZSpace Page 12/13/08

Irving Fisher (1867 – 1947) was perhaps the most noted economist of his day. The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics calls him “one of America’s greatest mathematical economists and one of” its clearest writers. He earned special acclaim for his work on monetary and statistical theory, policy, index numbers, econometrics, and the distinction between real and nominal interest rates. (more…)

Glenn Greenwald, Constitutional Scholar, says, “see this definitive 3-minute explanation from Noam Chomsky on precisely how mainstream television’s demand for “concision” — which shapes how the overwhelming majority of Americans receive their “news” — precludes any meaningful examination or challenging of prevailing political orthodoxies.

Bill Moyers sits down with political commentator and blogger Glenn Greenwald who asks: Are we a nation ruled by men or by laws? A former constitutional and civil rights lawyer, Greenwald looks at the legacy of the Bush Administration, the prospects for President-elect Obama’s cabinet choices, as well as the possibilities for government accountability. (more…)

By Kathy Manley, attorney for Yassin Aref. See also Project SALAM

What follows are just a few examples of some of the techniques the government has used to unfairly convict and harass Muslims since 911 — there are many more such cases. All of the information below has been documented and sources can be provided. We are not claiming that every one of the defendants listed in the database is innocent, but many of them are, and all of them have been the victims of unfair and often unconstitutional government tactics. (more…)

Barack Obama is a politician of a system described by Martin Luther King as “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today”. He speaks of change but offers only dreaded continuity

By John Pilger (more…)

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