To the Syracuse Post-Standard. By court watcher Linda Bergh who attended most of the proceedings. The first paragraph of the letter was published.

To the Editor:

This is in reply to Mike Greco’s letter of Sunday, November 20.
Sir, you ask why various supporters keep speaking about Dr. Dhafir when
Dr. Dhafir has been found guilty of multiple charges. My response is
that as a “court-watcher” during Dr. Dhafir’s trial, I would not agree
that the government proved guilt in those many charges. I would also
contend that the last-minute introduction of extra elements into the
sentencing by the government, elements which the government prosecutors
would not allow during court proceedings, was totally unjust. This was a
legal move, but an unjust move, preventing Dr. Dhafir and his lawyers
from offering defense against such allegations. This caused an extension
of years in the sentence.

Life is precious. Dr. Dhafir has been put away for the rest of his
active adult life on government “suspicions” which he had no adequate
opportunity to answer. What you are hearing and reading from community
leaders is a clear, clarion call for justice. My Christian teaching
asks me to work for justice. There is a story in our Christian
scriptures which tells of a widow who persists in asking a judge for
justice until, out of sheer annoyance or frustration, he hears her case.
(Luke 18:2-5). Can we, who believe an injustice has been done, do any
less? You will continue to hear calls for justice, not only in the case
of Dr. Dhair, but in other instances where the government’s overzealous
efforts have “questionably” closed Muslim charities and/or sent Middle
Easterners into jailed oblivion.