Denis Halliday, former UN Assistant Secretary General and Head of the UN Humanitarian Program in Iraq 1997-98, spoke at an evening panel discussion at Syracuse University Maxwell School of Citizenship on Thursday, June 28th at 7p.m. The event was titled, “The Iraq Sanctions and the Case of Dr. Rafil Dhafir: Criminalizing Compassion in the ‘War on Terror.’”

Part One, an introduction by Katherine Hughes, Denis Halliday speaking, and then Magda Bayoumi (1 hour). [Underneath the video choose from three banwidths to view the video; the one that has been most successful for people is the “Mobile 282 Kpbs,” click on the play icon.]

Part Two, introduction by Magda Bayoumi, and Katherine Hughes speaking (30 Mins).

The event was sponsored by Syracuse University Middle Eastern Studies Program, the Dr. Dhafir Support Committee, Syracuse Peace Council, and Fellowship of Reconciliation. Other speakers on the panel were, Magda Bayoumi, a community activist and member of the Central New York Muslim community, and Katherine Hughes, a court watcher at the 17-week trial of Dr. Dhafir. About one hundred people attended and many people joined the speakers and members of the Muslim community for supper at the mosque after the event.