Please put my website address in a prominent place in your newspaper and give people a chance to seek out another point of view. I did ask you to do this. All I have ever wanted was for people to come to the trial and make up their own mind. Or find out the facts and make up their own mind. Because of your paper’s inadequate coverage and because people did not attend the proceedings, I started my website.

When I was growing up we got 5 Sunday papers, with 5 different viewpoints on the same thing. Even now this is how I collect information about a topic that I’m interested in. I seek out as many viewpoints as possible (including “Mein Kampf” and “Commandant of Auschwitz” in my extensive reading about the Holocaust). At least allow me to give one other viewpoint, unmediated by your paper, as a bit of extra data for people.

You may think that I’m seeing things wrong, and that’s fine. I am not influencing public opinion in the way that you are. That is a tremendous responsibility. And I believe you are not seeing things because of your pre-conceived notions about this case. Your paper would have done better to send someone (like the Jury and myself) who had no prior knowledge of this case.

Your description of the court was incomplete. You did not mention the 3 government agents who have sat behind the prosecutors for the length of the trial, from the FBI, Defense Department and Social Security. Or that there are 5 Federal Marshals who trade off by the hour so that 2 always cover Dr. Dhafir, one sitting directly behind Dr. Dhafir and the other at the opposite exit. And that these Marshals have begun a new practice (although we are informed it should have been happening from the beginning) of clearing the court gallery at breaks and immediately after proceedings. You did not mention that all five of them lined up at the windows opposite the door the other day, to clear a few concerned citizens out of the court. Or mention that in response to your question about Dr. Dhafir’s guilt, I responded, “Do I think the government has proved their case? No.”

You have a tremendous responsibility John. You are making a direct contribution to the world that we will live in in the future. All I am asking is the opportunity for another point of view to be presented. Please put my website number in a prominent place in your paper before this trial ends, and let people know another viewpoint is available . I believe I present reasoned argument designed to “show” rather than “tell” people what I have perceived. Altenatively, please print my response to Mr. Lindsay’s letter with my website number at the bottom.

A powerful image has stayed with me throughout this trial: In the dark night of Golgotha, we only need to be a degree or two off to the left or the right and we are kneeling before a thief. (1)

(1) “Insearch: Psychology and Religion”, Scribner, New York, 1968. P.91.