November 2008

By BOB RAY SANDERS Star-Telegram Fort Worth, TX 11/30/08

On its face, the U.S. government won last week when a federal jury in Dallas convicted the Richardson-based charity Holy Land Foundation and five former leaders of providing financial aid to a foreign terrorist organization – Hamas.

But a Fort Worth defense attorney who has been involved in the case since 2005 called the prosecution shameful (more…)

Waiting for Mercy is a new documentary by Ellie Bernstein. It tells the story of a fabricated FBI sting operation that took place in Albany, New York during the winter, spring and summer of 2004. The complex operation was designed to entrap Yassin Aref, 37 (a refugee from Kurdistan in northern Iraq) and Mohammed Mosharref Hossain, 51, a United States citizen and an immigrant from Bangladesh.

Waiting for Mercy will show at The Madison Theater, Albany NY, from January 15 to January 23, 2009. See the trailer here.

Christine Bremer Muggli The Capital Times, Madison, WI 11/30/08

It is a basic ideal of justice: No person should be locked away in prison and not allowed to seek help to challenge the illegal imprisonment. The right to challenge an unjust imprisonment is so fundamental that it dates back over 800 years. (more…)

Srinivasan Ramani Srinivasan Ramani Blogspot 11/30/08

Even as the Mumbai terror saga has slowly started to come to an end with the closing down by force of the sieges by terrorists at major hotels such as the Taj and the Oberoi Trident and at Nariman House, reactions to the horror have started registering in the media from civil society (well..if one could call spiel by advertisors, cine-actors and others such as that). (more…)

The following relation has being created against the Occupation and for the Sovereignty of Iraq with the information provided by direct Iraqi university sources and international and Arab media. It only includes names and data referred to university academics assassinated during the Occupation period. (more…)

A Texas jury’s guilty decision in the nation’s largest terrorism financing trial since 9/11 reawakens the injustices of Bush’s War on Terror.

By Laila Al-Arian Alternet 11/26/08

Edward Abington, the former number two intelligence official at the State Department (and ex-US consul in Jerusalem), told jurors he was never told that the Palestinian charity committees supported by Holy Land were part of Hamas in the daily intelligence briefings he received. (more…)

Obama’s “New” National Security Team Is Not Very New

By Tom Engelhardt ICH // The New Republic 11/28/08

The Obama national security “team” — part of that much-hailed “team of rivals” — does not yet exist, but it does seem to be heaving into view. And so far, its views seem anything but rivalrous. (more…)

By Deepak Tripathi CounterPunch // Deepak Tripathi’s ZSpace Page 11/28/08

The arrest and interrogation of Damian Green, one of Britain’s leading opposition politicians, by the counter-terrorism police (November 27, 2008) on ‘suspicion of conspiring to commit misconduct in a public office’ is an extraordinary event. (more…)

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