Civil Liberties

Robert Parry Consortium News

Fox News may be the poster child of this infantile anti-intellectualism but the same sentiments can be found on the Washington Post’s neocon editorial pages or in the higher-brow New Republic. If you dare point out that America or one of its favored “allies” has done some wrong around the world, you’re an enemy “apologist.” If you regularly adopt a critical stance, you will be marginalized. (more…)

Clive Stafford Smith Guardian U.K.

Few of us really understand the reality of the US torture outlined in this week’s Senate report. Among those who do is the Londoner, Guantánamo prisoner and Reprieve client Shaker Aamer. I saw him this week. Unlike the assorted people who offer themselves as experts to comment on CIA torture, Shaker is a true (if involuntary) expert in the field. Yet he is unable to share his views. (more…)

Congress just significantly increased the spying power of the National Security Agency without anyone really noticing. (more…)



However, the 528-page “summary version” of the report’s “Findings and Conclusions” has, by the admission of Feinstein herself, been heavily redacted and is focused only on CIA torture. It reports only one prisoner death and does not include more damning information and photographic evidence on US torture and prisons operated by the US Army, US Navy and other Department of Defense (DOD) agencies. (more…)

Fahd Ghazy Center for Constitutional Rights

There is no guilt and no innocence here at Guantanamo. Those ideas are empty. That’s just a game that is played.

But there is always right and wrong. That can never change. (more…)

Glenn Greenwald

The U.S. military overnight transferred six Guantánamo detainees to Uruguay. All of them had been imprisoned since 2002 – more than 12 years. None has ever been charged with a crime, let alone convicted of any wrongdoing. They had all been cleared for release years ago by the Pentagon itself, but nonetheless remained in cages until today. (more…)




Anthony D. Romero NYTimes

BEFORE President George W. Bush left office, a group of conservatives lobbied the White House to grant pardons to the officials who had planned and authorized the United States torture program. (more…)

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