August 2009

Architects of a shameful chapter in the agency’s history now reap rich rewards in the private sector. They must be held to account

Tim Shorrock The Guardian 8/25/09 (more…)

Glenn Greenwald Salon 8/24/09

I wrote earlier today about Eric Holder’s decision to “review” whether criminal prosecutions are warranted in connection with the torture of Terrorism suspects — that can be read here — but I want to write separately about the release today of the 2004 CIA’s Inspector General Report (.pdf), both because it’s extraordinary in its own right and (more…)

Only one crime was solved by each 1,000 CCTV cameras in London last year, a report into the city’s surveillance network has claimed.  (more…)

Attorneys for four prior Guantánamo Bay prisoners have filed a second petition with the U.S. Supreme Court, seeking a review of a lower court’s decision that foreign nationals held in the prison are not “persons” and have no Constitutional rights. (more…)

Ismael Hossein-Zadeh Middle East Online 8/21/09

US and European corporate media, political pundits and “Iran experts” have spent countless hours discussing the June presidential election in Iran. Yet, they have utterly failed to ask a number of central questions that beg to be asked:  (more…)

History Never Ends

Eduardo Galeano Counterpunch 8/14/09

I’d like to share with you some questions–some flies that keep buzzing in my head.

Is justice right side up? (more…)

John Pilger ZNet 8/19/09

THESE ARE extraordinary times. Flag-wrapped coffins of 18-year-old soldiers killed in a failed, illegal and vengeful invasion are paraded along a Wiltshire high street. Victory in Afghanistan is at hand, says the satirical Gordon Brown.  (more…)

Opponents of the practice of extraordinary rendition are growing increasingly vocal about the case of Raymond Azar, a Lebanese construction contractor who was picked up by the FBI on allegations of bribery, shackled, blindfolded and flown to the United States for trial.  (more…)

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