November 2010

Threatening the Presumption of Innocence

Karen Greenberg Tomdispatch 11/18/10

Over the course of the past nine years, in the name of counterterrorism, there has been a notable and unappreciated development inside the criminal justice system that is cause for alarm: a growing, if often veiled, intolerance for basic guarantees of justice in cases where “national security” is invoked. This trend leaves the nation’s justice system at risk. (more…)

A New York civilian court has acquitted long-time Guantanamo Bay detainee Ahmed Khaifan Ghailani of all 284 terror related charges, agreeing only to find him guilty of a single count of “conspiracy to damage or destroy US property.” (more…)

Dear friends,

Please join us tomorrow night for an exciting and informative panel on “Experiments in Social Isolation: Communications Managements Units and the Expansion of Unconstitutional Detention Policies in the post-9/11 Federal Prison System.” For more information, click on the Center for Constitutional Rights website here.

War and Sanctions continue to be used to manipulate and control Iraq. Joy Gordon’s recent book on the sanctions and US policy shows them being used by the US and Britain, not as an alternative to war as many in the international community may have intended, but as a means of softening in preparation for war. (more…)

William Fisher

NEW YORK, Nov 9, 2010 (IPS) – Lawyers for the Barack Obama administration told a federal judge Monday that the U.S. government has authority to kill U.S. citizens whom the executive branch has unilaterally determined pose a threat to national security. (more…)

Khandan was hung by his wrists for days and lowered for two or three hours a day for interrogation. Soldiers lowered him so he could relieve himself and then, he said, they would strike him and roll him down a flight of stairs. (more…)

Daniel Pines, an assistant general counsel at the CIA, has asserted in a law journal that the abduction of terrorism suspects abroad is legal under U.S. law, even when the suspect is turned over to countries notorious for torture. (more…)


Which lesson will Obama take from sweeping midterm losses? The mantra from the media is move right, conciliate, bridge build. But that’s the rotten road that brought the Democrats this far. There are other voices to listen to. (more…)

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