Letter in Syracuse Post-Standard 9/25/05

To the Editor:

This letter is in response to a letter in the Sept. 13 paper implying that the only supporters of Dr. Rafil Dhafir were Muslims. I have ancestors who came to America even before the United States existed. I have ancestors who fought in the American Revolution to help create the country. As you can see, I come from a long line of U.S. Christians and I am shocked that Dr. Dhafir has been in jail for over two years and faces many more years in prison.

Apparently, the government has studied every aspect of Dr. Dhafir’s life and could find no grounds to prosecute him on any charges relating to terrorism. Few people in the world have been so scrutinized. Doesn’t this show that Dr. Dhafir is definitely not a terrorist?

I would love to see a local Politician, instead of speaking nostalgically about the struggles of the past generations, taking a brave, if unpopular position and publicly supporting Dr. Dhafir and all other U.S. Muslims and citizens with Middle Eastern ancestry.

Sometime in the future, Dr. Dhafir will be remembered as a great United States humanitarian. I hope that day is near.

Andrea Deans