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Read Katherine’s two most recent Truthout articles:  Anatomy of a ‘Terrorism” Prosecution and Fairness and Justice?

Thank you to the Post-Standard for publishing five letters in response to Mr. Sanders’ letter about John Pilger’s article:

Government purposely complicated Dhafir case

To the Editor: (more…)

[Katherine:  Greg West was one of the prosecutors in Dr. Dhafir’s case and it’s very unusual that the local media did not mention Dr. Dhafir’s case in its coverage.  The media ordinarily goes out of its way to mention the “terrorism” prosecution when any of his prosecutors are mentioned.]

Federal prosecutor Charged with drunk-driving and wrong-way driving (more…)

We do not have a date yet for Dr. Dhafir’s resentencing but should hear any time.  Dr. Dhafir’s lawyer, Peter Goldberger, has supplied us with clear guidelines for writing the most effective letters to Judge Mordue.  Please read Peter’s guidelines carefully and then take the time to write this very important letter to Judge Mordue, it is Rafil’s best hope.

All letters should be sent to: (more…)

Katherine: Below are letters to the Syracuse Post-Standard sent on the occasion of the sixth anniversary of Dr. Rafil Dhafir’s arrest. I will add more letters to this post as people send them to me.

To the editor: (more…)

(Letter to the Post-Standard drawing attention to the fact that the last paragraph of Denis Halliday’s letter was omitted from publication. Published, 3/04/08.)

To the Editor:

I was very pleased to see that you published a letter from Denis Halliday, former U.N. assistant secretary general (more…)

(Published 2/21/08 with the title, “Do we want Dhafir’s justice to be America’s?” The last paragraph was not included in the Post-Standard.)

To the editor:

On February 26, 2003, Dr. Rafil Dhafir, a prominent Syracuse oncologist, was arrested and 150 Muslim families interrogated in connection with a charity established to provide humanitarian aid to children suffering in Iraq. As we approach the fifth anniversary of that arrest, it seems pertinent to question the continued persecution of Dr. Dhafir, an Iraqi-born U.S. citizen of some 30 years. (more…)

Thank you to the Post Standard for publishing Mohamed Khater’s letter.

It took a month of lobbying but the Post Standard finally published Mohamed Khater’s letter.  It was followed by this editor’s note:


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