November 2006

Venezuela and the Bolivarian Dream

By TARIQ ALI Counterpunch 11/30/06

In the Muslim world religious groups that are militarily effective, but politically limited dominate resistance to the American Empire. Asia is infatuated with capital. Europe lies buried deep in neo-liberal torpor, and the Left and social movements in the EU (Italy is the most recent example) are in an advanced state of decomposition. But in South America an axis of hope has emerged that challenges imperial domination on every level. (more…)

Council on Islamic-American Relations (CAIR) says callers’ reaction is a ‘wake-up call’ on Anti-Muslim bigotry 11/27/06

WASHINGTON, D.C – A parody of anti-Muslim bigotry on a Washington, D.C., radio station drew support for treating American Muslims in a manner similar to how the Jewish community was targeted in Nazi Germany. (more…)

Long-term threat of ‘trade chaos’ cited


WASHINGTON — Renewed fears that the Chinese central bank may be poised to start liquidating its $1-trillion stash of U.S. dollars briefly drove the greenback to a 20-month low against the euro and a two-year low against the British pound in trading yesterday. (more…)

Amy Goodman interviews two of the imams. Democracy Now

AMY GOODMAN: The president of the organization, Omar Shahin, was one of the six imams removed from the plane. He joins me here in the studio in New York, along with Ahmad Shqeirat, an imam at the Islamic Center of Tempe, Arizona, who was also removed from the plane. (more…)

By Adam Liptak The New York Times 11/29/06

A federal judge in Los Angeles has ruled that President Bush’s designation of 27 groups and individuals as “specially designated global terrorists” in a Sept. 23, 2001, executive order violated the Constitution because it was made without any announced standards. (more…)

By William Fisher 11/29/06

The paranoid wing of the blogosphere continues to go ballistic with joy about the six Muslim imams who were removed in handcuffs from a US Airways flight because one passenger thought it was “suspicious” that they knelt on their prayer rugs and prayed in the airport waiting room before boarding their flight. (more…)

[Dr. Dhafir’s charges are similar to Dr. Anvari-Hamedani and yet Dhafir was sentenced to 22 years and Anvari-Hamedani to 2 months–to be served at weekends.]
AP Beacon Journal 11/25/06

TOLEDO – A physician who admitted that he sent $4 million to his native Iran over four years was sentenced to 60 days in a community jail and ordered to pay $1.15 million in fines and forfeitures, officials said. (more…)

by Frank J. Ranelli 11/28/06

The moral, ethical, and human conditioning of how we moved in four short years from the idea of “defending a nation” to simply following “unlawful orders.” The human, soul-searching questions we must now ask of ourselves, our leaders, and even our troops. (more…)

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