Are we a society that calls this justice? Twenty-two years for sending humanitarian aid to starving Iraqi civilians?

For those that have ears to hear, another viewpoint of the proceedings in this case is available:

I believe history will show this sentencing as the gross miscarriage of justice that it is, occurring in a dark time when civil liberties in this country were not respected.
Katherine Hughes is a concerned citizen, a local potter and a voracious reader of history and current events. She started to attend the trial because she felt that she did not know enough about the case to make any judgment of innocence or guilt. She became so concerned at the shockingly inadequate coverage of the Post-Standard that she started a website that offers another view of the trial proceedings. She took a year out from school because she believes passionately in the need to preserve civil liberties for all.

Journalists should take a look at her website and then contact her only if prepared to give Edward R. Murrow-type investigative reporting of this case. Please leave contact information below and Katherine will give a timely response.