By Dr. Dhafir

KH: Thank you to everyone who wrote and/or phoned the prison.  This from Dr. Dhafir:
Hello everyone
Just wanted to let you know that I am finally out of the SHU yesterday.



Marshall Eddie Conway and Paul Coates talk about how they met in Baltimore’s Black Panther Party and maintained solidarity and friendship for 43 years after Conway was framed, convicted and jailed for murder. (more…)

[Katherine: The letter below was sent from Dr. Dhafir to Warden Jett. Please consider writing to Warden Jett to ask that Muslim prisoners be allowed to continue fasting as they have done for the last two years. Dr. Dhafir and other Muslims are being held in a special prison unit in Terre Haute, Indiana.]

Dear Warden Jett:

After months of requesting you to meet with us (more…)

Dr. Dhafir and other Muslims being held at the Communication Management Unit (CMU) in Terre Haute, Indiana need your help. Please write to Warden Jett (address below) and ask that he address Dr. Dhafir’s concern about a situation that is creating religious hardship for Muslim prisoners. Please be respectful and courteous in all correspondence.

Dr. Dhafir says: (more…)

Every December Dr. Dhafir receives a lot of supporting mail and he would like to say thank you to all who have written to him:

United Kingdom
Nietzer Bales
Mr.& Mrs. Owen-Wales (more…)

by Rafil Dhafir, from the Nuclear Resister #151, 12/20/08 p.5

Two days ago, December 14, was my second anniversary here in CMU-Terre Haute, Indiana.

Two years ago, with dozens of others, I was whisked here without explanation, to this place reserved for those on death row. (more…)

One of the main concerns Dr. Dhafir expresses in the letter, is that they now have an FBI agent present in the Communication Management Unit (CMU) “mingling” with them:

“I asked the warden around the holidays in December for a meeting with all of us here. He agreed, after I provide him with a list of the topics that concern us: I did. After waiting for almost three months, he finally showed up. I prepared myself to discuss the issues that concern us, with all the documents and statements and notes. (more…)

Dr. Dhafir has had some shoulder problems recently that have affected his ablility to respond to everyone who writes to him. In his last letter to me he asked that I send a special thanks to:

K.C. Saffron Walden, U.K.

M.F. and friends, Ilford, U.K. (more…)

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