Your comment illustrates perfectly why I am asking that some other voices who witnessed the trial be heard. The three letters that I re-sent to the Post-Standard were written by people who were each present for more of the trial than John O’Brien. None of us knew Dr. Dhafir or each other before the trial, our whole experience of him is through the testimony that we heard during the 17 weeks. I see it as my civic duty to inform people of another viewpoint in this case, it is then up to them what they do with it.

But at least please let us be heard! This is all I ask for Dr. Dhafir, a fair hearing and equal justice. I would ask the same for you, if you were in his position.

People like you and Richard Lindsay should have attended the trial instead of relying on the government and the Post-Standard for your information, which was incomplete. I cannot understand why you are so vehement in your condemnation of Dr. Dhafir. You really do not have a leg to stand on, not having attended the trial.

Democracy can not survive when only one voice is heard. Please call the Post-Standard and ask them to publish the letters.

Chris Wiegand’s comment:

The man was convicted on 59 of 60 counts of fraud. Doesn’t that count for something? He took a lot of the money he received ostensibly for charity and spend it on slum properties. like the laundrymat at So. Salin and W. Newill Sts. He’s not a terrorist, but he is a thief.