I am not accepting any more donations for Dr. Dhafir’s publicity fund. I am finding out that tax regulations are very complicated and I am not equipped to deal with compliance. I will keep the donations given to me at last night’s benefit concert for sister communities in El Salvador and Colombia, and pay tax on them. Thank you to the people who gave donations. I plan to take the energy that I have been using for fundraising and put it to writing an article about Dr. Dhafir, and hopefully get some publicity in that way.

Please buy direct from the shop at, Justice for Dhafir, and wear the items prominently to advertise our websites so that other people may have a chance to learn more about this case. I will have the prices in the shop changed so that there is no profit for the defense fund. If it is within your means, please consider buying more items to give to other people. Although on a vastly different scale, I am getting a glimpse of what Dr. Dhafir must have had to deal with. Fortunately for me, no-ones life is in the balance.

People can continue to donate to the defense fund because that goes directly to the lawyers and they deal with the legalities. To donate, make checks payable to Aiello & Cannick and captioned, “Dhafir Legal Defense Fund”. And send to:

Aiello & Cannick, Attorneys at Law
69-06 Grand Ave.
Maspeth, NY 11378

Please be aware that this request is cancelled 10/2/05
Please Donate to Dr. Rafil Dhafir’s Publicity Fund:

The government and the Post-Standard’s information on this case are incomplete. Also, because the prosecution refused Dr. Dhafir’s defense team the right to defend the charge of “links to terrorism” at the17 week trial, it has been virtually impossible to get any media coverage on his case.

However, the local prosecutors are now asking that this charge be taken into consideration at the sentencing, and Dr. Dhafir is facing between 20 and 30 years for sending humanitarian aid to starving Iraqi’s. We are desperately trying to reach the public in a significant way and get the whole truth of this case told before Dr. Dhafir is sentenced on October 18th.

Two websites are dedicated to informing the public: www.dhafirtrial.net and http://www.jubileeinitiative.org/FreeDhafir.htm, we need help to let the public know these resources are available. Although we have tried desperately, we have been unable to get any significant coverage by the media to let people know about these sites. So we have resorted to advertising the sites on bumper stickers, pins and t-shirts. This is expensive and we have already spent $2,000 of our own money and cannot spend any more. So please consider donating as generously as you can so that we might buy many more items before sentencing in two and a half weeks time. We believe it is the only chance to get the whole truth of this case told.