The Post-Standard Published half of my letter today. Below is my response:

Thank you for publishing half of my letter today with the heading: “Dhafir terrorism link does not add up.” It certainly does not when you omitted details of the government lecture at the law school:

“That the government equates breaking the sanctions with a national security threat, and therefore terrorism, was made unusually clear at a lecture held at Syracuse University Law School. The lecture, “A Law Enforcement Approach to Terrorist Financing,” highlighted Dhafir’s case. The three prosecutors from the case, Michael Olmsted, Greg West and Steve Green were present along with Jeff Breinholt, Deputy Chief, Counterterrorism Section United States Department of Justice who was the main speaker.

During the course of the lecture Olmsted, the head prosecutor cited the philosopher Emmanuel Kant’s imperative, “To obey the law because it is the law.” He added that “if you break the law, you must pay the price,” apparently regardless of the unfairness of the law and the humanitarian nature of the act. Compassion comes with a very high price.”

By leaving out the last two paragraphs you very conveniently gave people very little reason to visit my site.

Omission is one of the most virulent forms of censorship and your paper has been guilty of this throughout the course of your coverage of the Dhafir case. For 14weeks of the trial, day in a day out, your paper was nothing more than a mouthpiece for the government. The least that you can do is give people an opportunity to have access to some facts that would help them understand what is really going on in this case.

Katherine Hughes