This letter was sent to the Post-Standard on January, 20th in response to Richard Lindsay’s letter:

The Jan. 20 letter of Richard Lindsay is a perfect illustration of the difficulty I have with the Post-Standard’s coverage. His letter is a perfect imitation of most of the Post-Standard articles I have read on the trial.

The letter begins with a headline assertion that is not substantiated by any evidence, “Dhafir trial coverage fair and balanced”. However, it is not until paragraph three that we find out that Mr. Lindsay has not witnessed even five minutes of the proceedings. He states, “Although not attending the trial, I have read all the reports on the proceedings since October, and disagree completely with Ms. Hughes, finding the reporting fair and balanced.”

Mr. Lindsay has no basis of fact from which to agree or disagree with me. That he can’t see this might be a consequence of reading the Post-Standard for too long.

I rest my case.