07.27.12  Dr. Dhafir has been moved (updated 3/24/15 when Dr. Dhafir was moved to a new unit in Devens):

Rafil Dhafir

#11921-052-Unit GB

Federal Medical Center Devens

PO Box 879

Ayer MA 01432

Please write your name and address on the letter and envelope so that he will know whom the letter is from. Do not use an address label as it will be torn off. Do not address him as “Doctor” as these letters are returned.

01.09.12 Dr. Dhafir has been moved into the general prison population at Terre Haute and his address remains the same.

Dr. Dhafir was held in a special prison unit, the Communications Management Unit (CMU), that houses, almost exclusively, Arab and/or Muslim inmates until December 2011, when he was moved into the main population at FCI Terre Haute.