I am just about to leave for the court this morning and thought that I would again leave people with some of my thoughts to ponder. The jury deliberations started last Wednesday and continue at this time.

Thursday of last week, the jury came into the courtroom for the second time to ask the judge for some guidance on the law. The gallery of the courtroom is empty now and as I sat there I noticed above the judge’s head the words, “In God We Trust”.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Book of Job from the Bible since I’ve been attending the trial of Dr. Dhafir. For me there is a striking resemblance between Dr. Dhafir’s story and the story of Job. Poor Job, a just and righteous man, was the object of a wager between God and the Devil. As a wager, God bet the Devil that no matter how many trials were visited upon him, Job would not curse God. And a great many trials were sent to test Job’s faith, including his “friends” telling him that he must have done something wrong in order for God to send all these problems. Job did not curse God.

And, apparently, Dr. Dhafir has not cursed God either. Since the trial began, we have taken a break around noon so that Dr. Dhafir can pray. I am grateful for this. I am also grateful that, even after all that has happened to him, Dr. Dhafir still had enough trust in the legal process to risk a sentence of 265 years. I am not sure that I would have had his trust, courage or strength.