November 2011


A matrix of closely tied university-based strategic studies ventures, the so-called Grand Strategy Programs (GSP), have cropped up on a number of elite campuses around the country, where they function to serve the national security warfare state. (more…)

Chavez ordered the repatriation of 85 per cent of the country’s bullion, which has mostly been held in European and US banks, saying the move would protect Venezuela’s reserves from global economic turbulence. (more…)

Political blogger Glenn Greenwald recently wrote about retired General Wesley Clark’s recollection of an officer telling him in the weeks after the Sept. 11 attacks that the then U.S. Secretary of Defense had issued a memo outlining a plan for regime change within five years in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran. (more…)

Glenn Greenwald Salon

The now-viral video of police officers in their Robocop costumes sadistically pepper-spraying peaceful, sitting protesters at UC-Davis (details here) shows a police state in its pure form. (more…)

Dr. Dhafir will be resentenced on January 5th, 2012, and we ask that people write to Judge Mordue asking for clemency.  Letters to Judge Mordue should be sent to Dr. Dhafir’s lawyer: you can find instructions on how to write the most effective letter here and examples of letters that have been approved by Dr. Dhafir’s lawyer here.

From the Doctor Dhafir Support Committee: (more…)

An Empire State of Mind

By Falguni Sheth Commondreams

Over the last week, among the multiple images that horrified and angered the American public, two that stood out (more…)

Eighty-four-year-old activist Dorli Rainey, who grew up in Austria during the Nazi era, speaks to Keith Olbermann  (more…)

“My first thought was that there is no way the United States government sank so low as to show my client to the world, caged like a circus animal. Still, there he was, standing in a chain link, kennel-like enclosure, where he has essentially spent the last ten years without every having been charged with a crime.” (more…)

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