Below is an email exchange between myelf and Kevin Morrow, Syracuse University Spokesman and Executive Director, News Services. I wrote to him requesting assistance to post the petition below within the university system. He was very courteous, but unable to help me directly. However, he did suggest some possibilities. This exchange is published with his permission.

At present, the petition has about 30 signatures of faculty, staff, students and alumni. My aim is to display the statement and signatures on a web page created solely for this purpose, I’m still hoping it will be within the university network. If any department or group within the university can help with having this posted, please leave contact information in the comment space below.

Anyone with affiliation to the university who wishes to add their name to the statement can leave information in the comment space below, please state your affiliation. For alumni, please state your degree and year of graduation. People may also leave a short comment if they would like to. I’m hoping that this statement with signatures will help move people in the university community to action in a way that I as an individual have been unable.
Dear Kevin Morrow,

The statement below is what I would like posted on a web page within the university system.

Statement of Concern

As members of the Syracuse University Community we would like it to be known that we are concerned about how the government has treated members of the Muslim community and others in the case brought against the charity “Help the Needy”. We are particularly concerned because of the close connection that Syracuse University has to this case. Three of the people charged graduated from Syracuse University with advanced degrees. And many of the 150 predominantly Muslim families that were questioned by the FBI on the day of the arrests in this case have a direct connection to Syracuse University as faculty, students or alumni. We are concerned that these members of the community were not afforded the same respect for their rights that non-Muslims would have been in a similar situation. These families were questioned inappropriately about their religion and their beliefs and this treatment has had a chilling effect on the Muslim community.

We would like to encourage the greater Syracuse University community, in the spirit of the Soul of Syracuse campaign launched by Chancellor Nancy Cantor, to take a more active role in addressing what has happened to members of our community who have been selected for particular scrutiny because of their Middle Eastern origin and Muslim faith. We believe that a concerted effort should be made to set up events that would address what is happening to respect for civil liberties in this community and in this country at this time.

From Kevin Morrow.


Anna Toole forwarded your request to me. I read the commitment in your
words. It is obvious that you are a caring person who feels deeply about these individuals and this issue. While I commend you for your motivation, I must decline your request to use the University network to facilitate your online petition. Institutional policy does not allow the type of use of the system that you desire.

However, the University offers many means for social discourse and the thoughtful exchange of ideas.

Students interested in organizing a petition drive are encouraged to work with the Office of Greek Life and Experiential Learning, academic units or departments, or Hendricks Chapel.

Likewise, students and recognized student organizations may disseminate statements on matters of public concern through such means as a recognized student organization website (with the approval of the organization), an academic department website (with the approval of the department), student publications, „tabling‰ in the Schine Student Center atrium (by advance registration), or an activity on the Quad (by advance registration).

In addition, recognized student organizations and academic departments regularly sponsor guest speakers and events that are scheduled into available public spaces on campus. Hendricks Chapel in particular is a very welcoming place for discussion of this nature.

I encourage you to consider one or more of these opportunities. Please feel free to write back if I may be of assistance in providing contact information.

Kevin Morrow
Syracuse University
(315) 443-3784