Dr. Dhafir is an honorary member the BRussells Tribunal Committee

Talking about Dr. Dhafir’s case Dirk Adriaenses, Executive Committee of the BRussels Tribunal, says,

“It is a common principle in international law, following the Nueremberg trials, that anyone who has knowledge about gross violations of human rights, has the DUTY to disobey orders and to act according to his conscience. That’s exactly what Dr. Dhafir has done….

…Dr. Dhafir and a lot of other people had the courage to help the suffering people in Iraq, not only with words, but with deeds. He should be an example for us all, instead of being sentenced for 22 years.”

The BRussels Tribunal is internationally known in the anti-occupation movement and is based in Brussels, Belgium. It evolved out of a movement that was oppossed to the brutal U.S. and U.K. sponsored UN sanctions against the country of Iraq. It is the only Western peace organisation that has some 25 Iraqis from different political currents in its committee. Other members include; Harold Pinter, Jose Saramago, Eduardo Galeano, and two UN officials, Denis Halliday and Hans Von Sponeck, who resigned from the UN in protest at the “genocidal policy” of sanctions against Iraq. For a full list of members see here: BRusselsTribunal.org.