July 2008

Bob Egelko San Francisco Chronicle 7/30/08

An Islamic organization made a last-ditch attempt Tuesday to challenge President Bush’s wiretapping program in court, saying it can prove it was the target of government spying by citing nonsecret information – a speech by a deputy FBI director. (more…)

By Scott Ritter truthdig.com 7/29/08

The war between the United States and Iran is on. American taxpayer dollars are being used, with the permission of Congress, to fund activities that result in Iranians being killed and wounded, and Iranian property destroyed. This wanton violation of a nation’s sovereignty would not be tolerated if the tables were turned and Americans were being subjected to Iranian-funded covert actions that took the lives of Americans, on American soil, and destroyed American property and livelihood. (more…)

Despite grant of bail, government continues to hold him

Hanover, VA – July 27, 2008

More than two weeks after being granted bond by a federal judge, Sami Al-Arian is still being held in prison. In fact, Dr. Al-Arian is now being subjected to the worst treatment by prison officials since his stay in Coleman Federal Penitentiary in Florida three years ago. (more…)

Over the last eight years, the Bush administration has systematically dismantled some of the most important rights and protections in the United States Constitution. In the first 100 days of office, the next president can, often with the stroke of a pen, restore, protect, and expand the fundamental rights on which our nation was founded. It is up to all of us to see that he does.

The Center for Constitutional Rights’ 100 Days Campaign focuses on the harm done by previous administrations and the hopes we have for making the country a better place for all. (more…)

By John Pilger The New Statesman 7/24/08

I interviewed a woman who had lost eight members of her family, including six children to a US bomb – but mass murder in Afghanistan isn’t news (more…)

Collateral Damage: How the War on Terror Hurts Charities, Foundations, and the People They Serve

This paper is the result of collaborative research conducted by OMB Watch and Grantmakers Without Borders. We believe charities in the United States and throughout the world play a key role in democratic systems by giving citizens a vehicle for participation, providing tools and information that help people get involved, and delivering assistance to those in need. (more…)

Why They Want To Attack Iran

By Ed Kinane Information Clearing House 7/23/08

These days we’re on needles and pins. We keep our fingers crossed. We hope the US won’t attack Iran. There are good reasons to believe it won’t. Elsewhere I’ve argued the folly of doing so. (more…)

Editorial The Baltimore Examiner Newspaper 7/23/08

In a story that would seem right at home in the former Eastern bloc countries, the ACLU revealed last week state police spied on law-abiding peace activists and death penalty opponents for 14 months. (more…)

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