July 2007

By Dean Baker Truthout 7/30/07

Last week’s stock market tailspin has many of the big-time money folks worried. They have suddenly discovered risk. It turns out leveraged buyouts are not always successful, and mortgages and other debts sometimes don’t get paid off. (more…)

[KH: This article covers the Communication Management Unit where Dr. Dhafir is being held.]

By William Fisher Truthout 7/30/07

    Legal authorities are charging that racial profiling is responsible for low-risk Muslim prisoners convicted for crimes the Justice Department intimates (more…)

We have raised the money needed to purchase the transcripts.

The Dr. Dhafir Support Committee would like to offer our profound thanks to all who have donated to enable immediate purchase of the transcripts; this will allow the appeal lawyers the maximum amount of time possible to prepare their brief before the October 2007 deadline. (more…)

By Kim Ghattas BBC News, Washington 7/27/07

The convictions date from 1965. A federal judge in Boston has ordered the US government to pay out more than $100m (£50m) in the case of four wrongly convicted men. (more…)

By Jason Leopold and Matt Renner Truthout 7/26/07

Truthout has obtained previously undisclosed GOP campaign emails from the 2004 presidential race that reveal and detail strategies to disenfranchise voters in crucial swing states. (more…)

John Pilger, applies to current events Orwell’s description in ‘1984’ of how the Ministry of Truth consigned embarrassing truth to a memory hole. He highlights the killing of a Palestinian cameraman by the Israelis as an example of how “we” are trained to look on the rest of the world as quite unlike ourselves: useful or expendable. (more…)

By Agencies MWC 7/24/07

A US-based Muslim charity organisation has gone on trial in Texas on charges of supporting terrorism. (more…)

By Mike Whitney ICH 7/21/07

Two columns of black smoke can be seen rising over Wall Street and disappearing into the ice-blue New York sky. (more…)

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