October 2009

Daniel Tencer Raw Story 10/30/09

President Barack Obama received a great deal of media attention on Wednesday for signing a historic hate-crimes bill into law. But, on the same day, the US president also signed a Homeland Security spending bill that received far less attention, even though it effectively blocks efforts by activists to reveal photos of detainee abuse in US custody. (more…)

Monday, November 9, 7:15 pm
Steelworkers Hall, 25 Cecil Street, Toronto, Canada
Introduction by Hadayt Nazami, human rights and refugee lawyer

Presented by Amnesty International, Christian Peacemaker Teams (more…)

Consortium News

Editor’s Note: In this modern age — and especially since George W. Bush declared the “war on terror” eight years ago — the price for truth-telling has been high, especially for individuals whose consciences led them to protest the torture of alleged terrorists. (more…)

Hell and Dr. James

Bill Quigley and Deborah Popowski  Counterpunch 10/25/09

The Louisiana Board that licenses psychologists is facing a growing legal fight over torture and medical care at the infamous Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib prisons. (more…)

In his latest column for the New Statesman, John Pilger argues that the strike by British postal workers for the right to work with dignity, consultation and security has wider significance for all touched by the political regression that imposes high rates of poverty and gross wealth for an opulent minorty represented by “rescued banks” now celebrating record bonuses. (more…)

Bryant Jordan Military.com

In sworn testimony to attorneys on Aug. 8, Sibel Edmonds described a Pentagon where key personnel helped pass defense secrets to foreign agents or provided them names of knowledgeable officials who were vulnerable to blackmail or co-option.  (more…)


The level of poverty in America is even worse than first believed.

A revised formula for calculating medical costs and geographic variations show that approximately 47.4 million Americans last year lived in poverty, 7 million more than the government’s official figure.  (more…)

Glenn Greenwald  Salon 10/17/09

There is a vital development — a new ruling from the British High Court — in a story about which I’ve written many times before:  the extraordinary joint British/U.S. effort to cover up the brutal torture which Binyam Mohamed suffered at the hands of the CIA while in Pakistan and while he was “rendered” by the U.S. to various countries.  While Mohamed, a British resident, was in American custody, the CIA told British intelligence agents exactly what was done to him, and those British agents recorded what they were told in various memos. (more…)

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