January 2014

Libya’s sovereign wealth fund is suing banking giant Goldman Sachs for “deliberately exploiting” its position to make $350 million profit on $1 billion worth of failed derivative trades, London’s High Court announced Thursday. (more…)


It’s celebrity time again. The Golden Globes have been, and the Oscars are coming. This is a “vintage year”, say Hollywood’s hagiographers on cue. It isn’t. Most movies are made to a formula for the highest return, money-fuelled by marketing and something called celebrity. (more…)


Children at a Utah elementary school were in tears on Wednesday after a district nutrition manager seized the lunches of up to 40 students over negative account balances. (more…)

Glenn Greenwald

James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence, appeared today before the Senate Intelligence Committee, his first appearance since outright lying to that Committee last March about NSA bulk collection. In his prepared opening remarks, Clapper said this: (more…)

Robert Scheer Truthdig

No need then for the Gestapo to go crashing through apartment doors to brutally interrogate citizens as to the most guarded moments of their personal lives when a vast amount of private information from gaming, mapping and social networking sites is pirated by the government. (more…)


President Obama’s assertion that our nation was formed as a result of a heroic history of surveillance is a misleading scare tactic clearly aimed at making Americans comfortable with the far-reaching government spying he seeks to protect, says Michael Ratner. (more…)

Jeff Mackler   Counterpunch

…Washington, D.C., Federal District Court Judge Richard Leon in his Dec. 16, 68-page opinion demanding an end of blanket government surveillance couldn’t resist describing as “almost Orwellian” today’s national security state.  (more…)


A US official downplayed Thursday the discovery by Israel of an Al-Qaeda cell it said was plotting to bomb the American Embassy in Tel Aviv, describing the group’s plans as “aspirational.” (more…)

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