No Justice, mercy shown in case of Dhafir and Iraq (Published, 2/27/08.)

To the Editor:

In reply to the question: “Do we want Dhafir’s justice to be America’s”? in the Feb. 21, Post-Standard:

I believe that when one is denied justice we are all denied justice. Lies enslave us all.

On Feb. 26, 2003, Dr. Rafil Dhafir was stripped of his human rights, his dignity, his medical license, his good name, and his freedom for 22 years.

What they cannot take away fro mDr. Dhafir is God’s love for him. God who lives in sick people he cared for and tried to heal. God who lives in the poor , suffering and dying Iraqi people, mostly children to whom he got food, medicine and clothing in spite of world leaders’ blockades and dictators’ death thtreats against him.

In the Feb. 21 Post-Standard, the question was asked: “Do we want Dhafir’s justice to be America’s?” I would rather have Dr. Dhafir’s judgment than his accusers’ (who showed him no mercy) on judgement day before God.

Jeanne DeSocio
Liverpool, New York