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The U.S. government framed Dr. Dhafir’s case in the media in order to gain a successful “terrorism” prosecution, while maintaining during trial that he was no more than a common thief who faced 60 counts of white-collar crime.  Michael Powell of the Washington Post called the government’s strategy “shadow boxing” in an article he wrote just before Dhafir’s case came to trial. As a result of this strategy, Dr. Dhafir has no meaningful way within the legal system to challenge his conviction. (more…)

This interview aired on WCNY-TV Access Program at 11 p.m. the night before Dr. Dhafir was sentenced to 22 years in prison.  George Kilpatrick interviews Barrie Gewanter of the ACLU-CNY, and court watchers, Katherine Hughes and Julienne Oldfield.

John Pilger’s article on Dr. Dhafir was published by the Post-Standard in Sunday’s issue on The Readers’ Page. Thank you to the Post-Standard for giving the Syracuse public a chance to see a glimmer of the other side of this case: (more…)

Rafil Dhafir

#11921-052-Unit HB

Federal Medical Center Devens

PO Box 879

Ayer MA 01432

The Brief for Dr. Dhafir’s latest appeal was filed in the Second Circuit court on June 27th, 2012.  The government has until September 26th to respond.

* Find out more about Dr. Dhafir’s case, read Katherine’s latest article on the eighth anniversary of the arrest and imprisonment of Dr. Dhafir and let others know about the case.

*  Dr. Dhafir’s case will soon be coming back to court for resentencing: write to the judge asking for leniency. (more…)

[Katherine:  Greg West was one of the prosecutors in Dr. Dhafir’s case and it’s very unusual that the local media did not mention Dr. Dhafir’s case in its coverage.  The media ordinarily goes out of its way to mention the “terrorism” prosecution when any of his prosecutors are mentioned.]

Federal prosecutor Charged with drunk-driving and wrong-way driving (more…)

The Syracuse weather was wild and driving conditions bad, but a small group still managed to gather to commemorate the eighth anniversary of the arrest and imprisonment of Dr. Dhafir, and the interrogation of 150 Muslim families.  You can see coverage on Channel 10

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