November 2013

It was the worst winter in 200 years and I had never worn a scarf or owned a coat.

John Pilger   New Statesman

England is two countries. One is dominated by London, the other remains in its shadow. (more…)

Launched this week on the streets of D.C: Buses with signs reading, “Thank You to Edward Snowden – We the People Say No to the Surveillance State.” Brought to you by the Partnership for Civil Justice Fun, whose ongoing, crowd-funded campaign was so successful they’ve expanded the project. (more…)

Government lawyers are demanding that the US District Court immediately throw out an ACLU lawsuit against NSA surveillance, insisting that there is no avenue by which “ordinary Americans” could even theoretically challenge its legality. (more…)

Juan Cole

The Guardian and Channel 4 News report that Tony Blair allowed the US National Security Agency to spy on millions of Britons, and to record and store their browser history and email. (more…)

I spent most of my career studying the economic pressures on middle class families – families who worked hard, who played by the rules, but who still found themselves hanging on by their fingernails. Starting in the 1970s, even as workers became more productive, their wages flattened out, while core expenses, things like housing and health care and sending a kid to college, just kept going up. (more…)

I am frightened for my children, because of the world we are creating. (more…)

Guardian U.K.

FISA court judge who authorised massive tapping of metadata was hesitant but felt she could not stand in the way (more…)

Guardian U.K.

A former Texas prosecutor who won a conviction that sent an innocent man to prison for nearly 25 years agreed Friday to serve 10 days in jail and complete 500 hours of community service. (more…)

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