December 2005

From: CounterpunchDecember 30, 2005
By EVO MORALES (newly elected president of Bolivia)

This is the text of a speech given on December 24 at the “In Defense of Humanity” conference.

What happened these past days in Bolivia (more…)

Only justice, not bombs, can make our dangerous world a safer place
By Robert Fisk 12/30/05 The Independent UK

This was the year the “war on terror” – an obnoxious expression which we all parroted after 11 September 2001 – appeared to be almost as endless as George Bush once claimed it would be. And unsuccessful. For, after all the bombing of Afghanistan, the overthrow of the Taliban, the invasion of Iraq and its appallingly tragic aftermath, can anyone claim today that they feel safer than they did a year ago? (more…)

I highly recommend each of them:

“The New Rulers of the World” By John Pilger (more…)

From:Counterpunch August 17, 2005
The failed war in Iraq — and its effect on the U.S. military — has the potential to spark the U.S. public to fundamentally rethink the role of force in U.S. foreign policy (more…)

By Mike Whitney 12/27/05  Information Clearing House

The constitution is the last flimsy obstacle between Bush and absolute power. That is why the administration has persisted for nearly 4 years in its case against Jose Padilla (more…)

By Robert Fisk 12/27/05 “Los Angeles Times”

I FIRST REALIZED the enormous pressures on American journalists in the Middle East when I went some years ago to say goodbye to a colleague from the Boston Globe (more…)

By William M. Arkin 12/22/05 Washington Post

The New York Times editorial on National Security Agency spying in the United States refers to “your mail and your e-mail” and “your telephone conversations” being monitored. (more…)

Gospel Truth
By CHRIS FLOYD, Counterpunch December 23, 2005

Countless words of condemnation have been heaped upon George W. Bush and his hard-Right regime–a crescendo growing louder by the day, with voices from across the political spectrum (more…)

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