October 2005

From: Information Clearing House
Watch Ron Paul’s speech on video.
Before the US House of Representatives, October 26, 2005

We have been warned. Prepare for a broader war (more…)

I submitted the following letter to the Post-Standard last Thursday (10/28). Published 11/03/05 (more…)

I want to give people some sense of when I will get back to addressing the indictment. (more…)

By John Pilger: Homepage 10/27/05

A Royal Air Force officer is about to be tried before a military court for refusing to return to Iraq because the war is illegal. (more…)

On October 27th, Dr. Rafil Dhafir was sentenced to 22 years in federal prison (more…)

“It would not have taken much effort, had we been given access to our computers, to show that based on my office’s alleged “improper billing”, for the entire year of 2002 Medicare reimbursement for my services did not even cover the cost of the anticancer drugs we provided to our cancer patients for that year. (more…)

The insensitivity of the Post Standard’s coverage knows no bounds (more…)

Are we a society that calls this justice? Twenty-two years for sending humanitarian aid to starving Iraqi civilians? (more…)

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