July 2009

One Memo From Dictatorship”

James Bovard Counterpunch 7/28/09

The New York Times reported last week that the Bush administration considered sending in the U.S. military to arrest the so-called “Lackawanna 6″ in 2002. (more…)

New America Media, Commentary, John C. Trang, Posted: Jul 24, 2009

Editor’s Note: Muslims make up 70 percent of inmates in two prisons the George W. Bush regime clandestinely established in the Midwest between 2006 and 2008. (more…)

Chase Madar The American Conservative

American liberals rejoiced at Samantha Power’s appointment to the National Security Council. After so many dreary Clintonites were stacked into top State Department positions–Dennis Ross, Richard Holbrooke, Hillary herself–here was new blood: a dynamic idealist, an inspiring public intellectual, a bestselling author of a book against genocide, a professor at Harvard’s Carr Center for Human Rights.  (more…)

In his latest column for the New Statesman, John Pilger describes “an iceberg of relentless inhumanity” beneath the Guardian’s revelations about illegal phone tapping at Murdoch’s Sunday tabloid and the impact of his empire in Britain and all over the world. (more…)

William Fisher IPS 7/23/09

Duarnis Perez, a native of the Dominican Republic, became a U.S. citizen at 15 when his mother was naturalised. But he didn’t know that meant he was also a citizen. He thought he was an illegal immigrant, and so did the authorities. (more…)

When the US Justice Department announced in March 2007 that Chiquita Brands had pleaded guilty to “one count of engaging in transactions with a specially-designated global terrorist” and would be paying a $25 million fine, observers were astonished at the lightness of the sentence. (more…)

Heralded by the Supreme Court as Fair, Vast Private Judicial System Exposed as Fraud

By PAM MARTENS Counterpunch 7/20/09

For the past 18 years, a motley mix of corporate law firms, Wall Street powerhouses and private justice providers have been serving up false testimony to the highest court of our land that mandatory arbitration is “inexpensive, fast and fair” and a proper substitute for the public court system.  (more…)

Gwladys Fouche Guardian U.K. 7/17/09

An al-Jazeera journalist who was imprisoned in Guantánamo Bay plans to launch a joint legal action with other detainees against former US president George Bush and other administration officials, for the illegal detention and torture he and others suffered at the hands of US authorities.  (more…)

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