I’ve written to George Clooney to see if he can help me out in my search for a journalist whose investigative skills and critical thinking have not atrophied.

I have also sent him a “Never Give In” t-shirt, bumper stickers, pins and postcards. Hopefully, after all the research he did for his movie “Good Night and Good Luck”, he will be able to point me in the direction of a journalist that Edward R. Murrow could be proud of. I hope so.

Not only did the local media not cover another view of the proceedings in these weeks leading up to sentencing, they will not even let the public know that another view is available. John Pilger says, “Omission is the most virulent form of censorship”. Unfortunately, my experience of the last year attests to the veracity of this statement.

I gave an interview to WAER yesterday. I fully understand that they may not have been in a position to play the interview, but I can’t accept their failure to mention this website and a WCNY program at 11pm tonight that would let the public know that another view of the proceedings is available.

I have written to Rosemary Robinson, Fred Fiske and John O’Brien of the Post-Standard at least 10 times in the last few weeks pleading with them to publish the 4 letters that were sent to them in the last eight weeks, from court watchers. I asked Rosemary Robinson on Monday to put information about WCNY’s Access program at 11pm tonight in a prominent place in her newspaper in order that the public might be informed. I have also, on a number of occasions, written to the; New Times, Daily Orange, Syracuse Record, Ivory Tower Half Hour, Washington Post, 60 Minutes … I could go on.

If you care about freedom of speech and democracy please speak out against this insidious form of censorship. In order for a democracy to survive, we need an informed public. If the mainstream press is not willing to provide this service to the public, I encourage you to look elsewhere for your news. Under the heading “other links” on this website, there are links to websites that provide another point of view. Please take the time to inform yourselves. Our democracy desperately needs informed active citizens every bit as much as it needs journalists who are willing to provide the public with real information.