Every December Dr. Dhafir receives a lot of supporting mail and he would like to say thank you to all who have written to him:

United Kingdom
Nietzer Bales
Mr.& Mrs. Owen-Wales
Jean Pounder
Dorothy Birtles
Jo W & Friends Meeting House-Scotland
Jill Hathaway
Lydia Valliamy
Chris Booth
Susan Francis
Jan Durham
Shockport Quaker Meeting ( Elaine, Phoebe & others)
Gill- Oxford
Constance Burrough
The Darbyshire group ( Michelle Denyer, Jane Taylor, Vivien, Pam, Sandra, J. Edwards, Machenzie, Anne Stones, Veronica, Tracy & others)


M. Guyard
Sylvie Niallet
C. Verrel
Helen Bell-Spain
Gattis Laska-Sweden
Religious Socialists in Zurich- Switzerland
Heather McGushin-Australia

Thank you