On June 18th Dr. Dhafir was removed to a special housing unit.  The purpose of the national call in day is to get the warden to return Dr. Dhafir to the general population.


Updated 8/03/14 at 12 p.m. Information below has been changed to reflect new information we have after attorney Kathy Manley’s visit with Dr. Dhafir on August 1st.

Whom to call on Monday (or Tuesday if Monday is not possible for you):

Brian Cincotta, (pronounced “sin-COT-tuh ) case manager

FMC Devens

978-796-1000 Dial O, or stay on the line.  Give Rafil Dhafir inmate locator number 11921-052 and ask to speak with Mr. Cincotta.  Ask to leave a message in his voice mail if he can’t be reached.

You can also ask  for the Public Information Officer or a member of the warden’s staff.

Whom to write:

Warden Jeffrey Grondowski

FMC Devens

P.O. Box 880

Ayer, MA 01432

fax (978) 796-1118


Some points that could be raised in letters and phone calls:

1.      Why was he put into the special housing unit?

2.      When is he getting out?  (He has been in for 47 days.)

3.      He has had some new FOIR discs sent to him and needs to be out of the SHU in order to access them

4.      His right to religious expression was violated during Ramadan because he was denied an alarm clock.

5.      The right for Muslims to pray five times daily in a group was upheld in a case involving the Communications Management Unit in Terre Haute Indiana by U.S. District Court Judge Jane Magnus-Stinson.   See: http://indianalawblog.com/documents/lindh%207-19-13.pdf

6.      Does Rafil have:

a.      stamps

b.      paper

c.      envelopes

d.      address book

7.      Can phone time be increased to an hour a week minimum?

8.      Can the Chaplain make  arrangements for an Imam from a nearby mosque to visit him?

To write to Rafil:

Rafil Dhafir 11921-052

FMC Devens


P.O. BOX 879

AYER, MA  01432

To make a contribution by wire transfer, check or money order toward expenses relating to Rafil’s defense and to the completion of the documentary film about him:

Make checks payable to: Dr. Dhafir Support Committee

Send to:

Bob Elmendorf

P.O. Box 76

Malden Bridge, NY 12115

Questions:  poetapoetus@taconic.net 518-766-2992