December 2005

By Robert Thompson, Avocat Honoraire au Barreau de Boulogne-sur-Mer [See article directly below.]

Dear Paul Craig Roberts,

Katherine Hughes has had the kindness to send on your short article (more…)

December 21, 2005 From: Counterpunch

While enjoying the Christmas season in the comfort of your home, take a minute to say a prayer for the wrongfully convicted. (more…)

primary international treaties protecting the rights of all people

The Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide was adopted unanimously by the General Assembly of the United Nations on December 9, 1948 (more…)

by Bill Moyers
Published on Saturday, November 19, 2005 by

Remarks prepared for the recent 50th anniversary of The Texas Observer, an independent newspaper in Austin, Tx. (more…)

All That’s New Is The Openness About It

By ignoring past abuses, opponents of torture are in danger of pushing it back into the shadows instead of abolishing it

By Naomi Klein From: Guardian UK 12/10/05 (more…)

By Doris Colmes 11/29/05 “ICH”

When Deborah Davis hit the news, I got hit as well — right in the pit of my stomach where terror hides, and panic lurks.. “Oh God, I mumbled, “It’s happening again” (more…)

Below is a link to a video of a fundraising event for Help the Needy. Dr. Dhafir speaks (more…)

To me, it was written November 29th, 2005 and I received it yesterday:

I am grateful that your card was the first piece of mail I received here and frankly I was surprised (more…)

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