October 2005

I’m still planning to address all the charges (more…)

I ask only that you give me credit and mention this website address.

I’ve written to George Clooney to see if he can help me out in my search for a journalist whose investigative skills and critical thinking have not atrophied. (more…)


Early last century, industrial technology allowed business interests to produce mass media at a cost that outclassed the capacity of non-corporate media to compete. (more…)

Katherine Hughes is a concerned citizen (more…)

Elaine Cassel, Lawrence Hill Books, 2004 (This piece was taken from a chapter on Islamic Charities)

Help the Needy

In February 2003 federal indictments were handed down against men in Syracuse, New York (more…)

The program will air on Channel 24 on Wednesday, October 26th at 11pm. (more…)

At the J. Hanley Federal Building in downtown Syracuse.

On Tuesday, October 25th, 7:00 pm there will be a community discussion (more…)

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