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The insensitivity of the Post Standard’s coverage knows no bounds (more…)

Are we a society that calls this justice? Twenty-two years for sending humanitarian aid to starving Iraqi civilians? (more…)

I’m still planning to address all the charges (more…)

[As an aid to understanding the trial proceedings and this post, see my summary of the opening remarks of the judge, the prosecution and the defense. This provides an overview of the case.]

I have had requests from people who have looked at this website to provide the specifics of why I believe the government’s case against Dr. Dhafir was not proven (more…)

[The remarks below are from my court notes, to find out what was said verbatim official transcripts should be consulted. KH]


To the Editor:
I hope you can publish my letter along with the other three letters you received from Gay Montague, Linda Bergh and Katherine Hughes.

Thank you,
Magda Bayoumi

Dr. Dhafir is not the only one (more…)

From three concerned citizens:

In the interest of promoting free speech, please consider covering this case that has been ongoing in Syracuse, NY for the past two and a half years. (more…)

(With copies to John O’Brien, Fred Fiske and

Dear Rosemary Robinson,

Please forward the email below to Richard A. Lindsay and please print the three letters from court watchers together this week. (more…)

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