August 2008

I am innocent yet was detained without charge in solitary confinement for days on end. It was a devastating experience

Hicham Yezza Guardian, UK 8/18/08

The UN’s committee on human rights has just published a report criticising Britain’s anti-terror laws and the resulting curbs on civil liberties. For many commentators the issues raised are mostly a matter of academic abstractions and speculative meanderings. For me, it is anything but. These laws have destroyed my life. (more…)

Once the Atlantic Alliance is shattered, America’s lifeline to the world is kaput

By Mike Whitney Information Clearing House 8/16/08

There are no military installations in the city of Tskhinvali. In fact, there are no military targets at all. It is an industrial center consisting of lumber mills, manufacturing plants and residential areas. It is also the home to 30,000 South Ossetians. (more…)

Media “Lies from Begining to End”

See the video here.

Watch at 4 minute video here.

More info: Stop Canadian Involvement in Torture,

A Comedy of Terrors as Group of Seven Take on Canada’s Torture Taxi in
Surreal Journey Through Grounds of Canada’s Largest Airport.

Meanwhile, Skyservice Still Refuses to Meet and Discuss the Worst Kept Secret in Canadian Aviation. Pictures here. (more…)

[KH: This is the same court that will hear Dr. Dhafir’s appeal arguments on August 28th, 2008.]

Edith Honan Reuters 8/14/08

NEW YORK (Reuters) – A U.S. court will take the unusual step of rehearing a lawsuit it earlier rejected from a Canadian who claims the U.S. government sent him illegally to Syria where he was tortured for a year, lawyers said Thursday. (more…)

By Amol Rajan 8/15/08

Policy exchange, the right-wing think-tank with close links to Conservative leader David Cameron’s inner circle, is facing legal action for accusing British mosques of distributing extremist literature. (more…)

By Marisa Taylor McClatchy Newspapers 8/13/08

WASHINGTON – Attorney General Michael Mukasey confirmed plans Wednesday to loosen post-Watergate restrictions on the FBI’s national security and criminal investigations, saying the changes were necessary to improve the bureau’s ability to detect terrorists. (more…)

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