We have raised the money needed to purchase the transcripts.

The Dr. Dhafir Support Committee would like to offer our profound thanks to all who have donated to enable immediate purchase of the transcripts; this will allow the appeal lawyers the maximum amount of time possible to prepare their brief before the October 2007 deadline.

With Gratitude,
For the Dr. Dhafir Support Committee

Unfortunately we continue to need money to cover Dr. Dhafir’s legal expenses and so will continue to accept donations to help us in our quest for justice for Dr. Dhafir. Please let others know that they can help us achieve justice by sending a donation for any amount to the address below and/or by telling others about the case:

Dhafir Appeal Fund
c/o Peter Goldberger, Esq., Attorney at Law
50 Rittenhouse Place
Ardmore, PA 19003

Make checks payable to “Dr. Dhafir Appeal Fund.” Please note that donations are not tax deductible.