November 2006

From 11/28/06

“I’d like to draft an indictment of President Bush and his senior aides, and present the case for prewar intelligence fraud to a grand jury, just as if it were an actual case of mine, using the evidence we already have in the public record. That’s the book I’d like to do.” Elizabeth de la Vega

Elizabeth de la Vega is a former federal prosecutor with more than 20 years of experience and she has written just such a book. (more…)

Gabriel Kolko 11/26/06

These are dismal days for those who attempt to run the affairs of the world. But how should we understand it?

It would be a basic error to look at our present situation as if it were rationally comprehensible. The limits of rational explanations are that they assume rational men and women make decisions and that they will respect the limits of their power and behave realistically. This has rarely been true (more…)

Fellowship of Reconciliation are the original publishers of a slightly shortened version (with photographs) of my article, “Criminalizing Compassion in the War on Terror: Muslim Charities and the Case of Dr. Rafil A. Dhafir,” in their fall 2006 issue. I am very grateful to them and I strongly encourage people to visit their site.

The government is currently contesting the Appeal Court decision to grant Dr. Dhafir transcripts at the expense of the court (a cost of around $22,000 before any lawyers fees are taken into account). Transcripts are essential to an appeal process and without them (more than a year after sentencing) the appeal process cannot begin to move forward.

Please help us achieve justice by sending a donation for any amount, no matter how small or large, to Dr. Dhafir’s Appeal Fund (more…) 11/25/06

The governments of 12 countries in South America have signed an agreement to allow their citizens to travel between them without passports. (more…)

By: Clive Maund 11/26/06

The dollar plunged with startling ferocity late last week, driven by heavy selling. This was very bearish action that signals panic, and the probable onset of a severe downtrend. A break below the crucial support at 80 on the dollar index is expected to mark the transition from a clandestine unloading of dollar assets to an all-out stampede to “get what you can for them” before it’s too late. (more…) Nov 27 2006.

TBILISI, Georgia (AP) – A U.S. diplomat warned Georgia against signing a long-term contract for natural gas supplies with Iran, but the Georgian premier reaffirmed Monday that his nation remained determined to import the Iranian gas. (more…)

Since Tony Blair’s New Labour government came to power in 1997, the UK civil liberties landscape has changed dramatically. The right to remain silent is no longer universal. Our right to privacy, free from interception of communications has been severely curtailed. The ability to travel without surveillance (or those details of our journeys being retained) has disappeared.

Broadcast 11/20/06 Channel 4 UK – Video Runtime 47 Minutes Suspect Nation

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