August 2005

From Haikal Abu-Ghoush
Acting President
The Islamic Society of Central New York

Published in the Post-Standard, Friday, August 19, 2005

To the Editor:

I am writing to you following your article: “U.S.: Manlius Doctor Linked to Terrorists,” Aug. 17. (more…)

Media Fail to ask Tough Questions
Published August 19,2005

Could we have an article by the person who wrote the recent editorial on how Dr. Dhafir was not a terrorist? This might bring some much needed, long overdue, critical thinking to your paper’s coverage of the Dr. Dhafir trial. (more…)

The PATRIOT Act and Other Dilutions of the Constitution

America’s Parallel Legal Systems


From: Information Clearing House
By John Pilger 

08/18/05 “New Statesman” — — If those who seek to understand what drives people to commit terrorist acts are vilified as “just one notch less despicable” themselves, we can say goodbye to freedom of speech. By John Pilger (more…)

Courthouse Jackboots
Corrupted Justice

From: Counterpunch August 18, 2005

Wonder of wonders! A Louisiana prosecutor has been disciplined by the Louisiana Supreme Court for withholding exculpatory evidence in order to get a death sentence for a 16-year old. (more…)

“We Will Not Pay a Penny of This Fine”

Federal Judge Fines Voices in the Wilderness $20,000 for Taking Medicine to Iraq

On August 12, 2005 U.S. Federal District Judge John Bates ordered payment of a $20,000 fine imposed against Voices in the Wilderness. Voices was fined for bringing medicine to Iraq (more…)

Osameh Al Wahaidy was sentenced yesterday for violating U.N. Sanctions and sending aid to starving Iraqi people. (more…)

I found dealing with the press yesterday very depressing. Not one person from the press was interested in finding out why the defendants in the Help the Needy case continue to be tainted with the charge of terrorism, and yet were denied the right to defend themselves against this charge at trial. (more…)

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