February 2005

“The Sorrows of Empire : Militarism, Secrecy, and the End of the Republic” [The American Empire Project]
by Chalmers Johnson, Metropolitan Book, 2004

Sorrows of Empire: An Interview
by Chalmers Johnson. January 05, 2004 (more…)

Afghanistan, America and International Terrorism
By John K. Cooley, Pluto Press, 1999

Recommended reading. From the back cover:

‘The devil of John Cooley’s unsettling book is in the detail… A persuasive argument against one-night stands in international alliances and makes clear that there will be an intolerable price to pay if Islam replaces communism as the next “Satanic Foe”.’ “Independent on Sunday”, UK (more…)

In Haiti, Washington confirmed a foreign policy that is driven by self-interest and delivered through force

Gary Younge
Monday March 8, 2004
The Guardian

“All books about all revolutions begin with a chapter that describes the decay of tottering authority or the misery and sufferings of people,” wrote Polish journalist Ryszard Kapuscinski in his book, Shah of Shahs, about the Iranian revolution. (more…)

After weeks of speculation, the education secretary Ruth Kelly admitted this week that she receives ‘spiritual support’ from the secretive Catholic sect Opus Dei. But even if reports of bizarre rituals are exaggerated, why would she be involved with the controversial group in the first place? Andy Beckett investigates

Friday January 28, 2005
The Guardian

Just over half a century ago in Spain, a new kind of politician began to appear. As government ministers, they were young, energetic and highly competent. They were confident without being overbearing. And they seemed relatively free of fixed political ideas, except for a general desire to turn their old country into a modern, business-driven one. (more…)

Bush will not admit that his troops are too exhausted to sustain his vengeful global missions

Sidney Blumenthal
Thursday January 27, 2005
The Guardian

The most penetrating critique of the realism informing President Bush’s second inaugural address, a trumpet call of imperial ambition, was made one month before it was delivered, by Lt Gen James Helmly, chief of the US Army Reserve. (more…)

Luckily reading Elaine Cassel’s book, “The War on Civil Liberties”prepared me for what occurred in court today: (more…)

We’re based in Syracuse. The founders — myself and Jessica Azulay — were co-founders of Neighbors Supporting Neighbors, the group that formed on Feb. 28, 2003 to support Dr. Dhafir. (more…)

John O’Brien of the Post-Standard did not feel that my correction was adequate (see “correction” post below). I disagree. Here is our exchange:

From John O’Brien:

That’s not much of a correction. (more…)

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