We’re based in Syracuse. The founders — myself and Jessica Azulay — were co-founders of Neighbors Supporting Neighbors, the group that formed on Feb. 28, 2003 to support Dr. Dhafir.

Our publication, The NewStandard, did the only real journalism I have seen on this case — public interest journalism with the goal of holding the government accountable for abuses committed against its citizens, conducted by investigative reporter, Madeleine Baran. I don’t think you have linked to any of our content in your “Dhafir By Others” section except one that was plagiarized by another website (MetroLand.net). These should help clear up the terrorism/racism questions readers may have:

From: The NewStandard: “The Terrorism Case that Wasn’t” and “As ‘Help the Needy’ Trial Nears, Case Further Politicizes’”

Also, see Brian’s comment below under “Correction” post.