June 2014


A tiered system has evolved where the top 20 percent of the population is able to afford a university education. The bottom 80 percent is increasingly burdened with debt if they pursue post-secondary education (more…)


Marshall Eddie Conway and Paul Coates talk about how they met in Baltimore’s Black Panther Party and maintained solidarity and friendship for 43 years after Conway was framed, convicted and jailed for murder. (more…)


The documents show that the NSA, while focusing on counter-terrorism and other areas of importance to national security, has also established systems that allow it to monitor vast amounts of digital and other forms of communications in Germany and elsewhere. (more…)

I’m reviewing footage for the documentary that I’m working on, Crime of Compassion: A Court Watcher’s Story of the ‘War on Terror’: this 30-minute program aired on the eve of Dr. Dhafir’s sentencing in October 2005.  I wrote this article after Dr. Dhafir’s sentencing.

Guardian U.K.

Man imprisoned for 15 years after police fabricated confessions for pub bombing dies at home in Belfast following long illness (more…)

See Annie Maguire’s book, One Woman’s Fight for Justice and Dignity

Greenwald Calls Out Bill Maher and Iraq Veteran Paul Rieckhoff:  video 7 minutes

William Rivers Pitt Truthout

I wrote my first article on the folly of an Iraq invasion in August of 2002. There are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, I argued. There are no 9/11 connections in Iraq. There is no al Qaeda presence in Iraq, because Saddam Hussein was notorious for hanging Wahabbists from the nearest available light pole. An invasion would tear the country apart, explode sectarian tensions, and plunge the region into chaos. (more…)

Democracy Now!

The New York Times revealed the U.S. ambassador in Iraq, Robert Beecroft, and the State Department’s top official in Iraq, Brett McGurk, recently met with the controversial Iraqi politician Ahmed Chalabi, who has been described as a potential candidate to replace al-Maliki. Chalabi is the former head of the Iraqi National Congress, a CIA-funded Iraqi exile group that strongly pushed for the 2003 U.S. invasion. (more…)

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