January 2012

The Department of Homeland Security says it needs a fleet of two-dozen Predator and Guardian drones to protect the homeland adequately. (more…)

By Shakeel Syed and Farid Zakaria Truthout Op-Ed

Five years ago, I joined a group of leaders of the Southern California Muslim community in an attempt to find out whether the government was conducting illegal surveillance at our mosques, our homes, our jobs, in public places and elsewhere. (more…)

Siv O’Neall

“Every five seconds, a child under 10 dies of hunger. — Thirty-five million people die each year from hunger or its immediate aftermath. — One billion people are permanently and severely malnourished and the situation is becoming increasingly catastrophic.” (Jean Ziegler) (more…)

Beware the ‘Gush-Up Gospel’ Behind India’s Billionaires

Arundhati Roy

Is it a house or a home? A temple to the new India, or a warehouse for its ghosts? Ever since Antilla arrived on Altamount Road in Mumbai, exuding mystery and quiet menace, things have not been the same.  (more…)

Late last year, President Obama pulled a fast one by changing his stance on the National Defense Authorization Act so suddenly and drastically that Americans were left with a bad case of legislative whiplash–and a very serious state of affairs with regard to our civil liberties. (more…)

Muriel Kane Rawstory

The top lawyer at the CIA never approved sending one of its officers to help the New York Police Department create a domestic spying program, raising the possibility that the agency may have violated a ban on domestic spying. (more…)

John Pilger

Lisette Talate died the other day. I remember a wiry, fiercely intelligent woman who masked her grief with a determination that was a presence. She was the embodiment of people’s resistance to the war on democracy. (more…)

By Will Potter

I recently wrote about Jordan Halliday, an animal rights activist who was jailed for refusing to name names before a federal grand jury investigating the release of mink from fur farms. Prosecutors urged a harsh prison sentence because Halliday has publicly vowed to resist the political witch hunt. (more…)

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